Behind The Scenes With Kelsey from Kitsch Construction!

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Haven Villas, 12 carefully crafted designer townhomes by Kitsch Construction. With a passion for design, architecture, and quality, Kitsch Construction fulfills a lifelong goal of establishing a high quality construction and real estate development company. Behind the company name is a team of dynamic professionals who believe in good old fashioned hard work.

We had the privilege of getting to sit down with Kelsey Ramsden, Developer, and award winning female Canadian entrepreneur to share some insight into the story behind Haven Villas.

How did you get started in the world of new development construction?

I purchased my first piece of real estate at age 17 and have been involved in looking for opportunities to create great places to both live or work for some 23 years now. In that time I have designed developments ranging from 400 acres with near a thousand homes to smaller townhomes developments with real sense of place feel like Haven is today.

What is it like working so closely together with your brother, Trent Kitsch?

Trent and I have been creating things together since I was 7 and he was 4. I think our first venture was sweeping the street we lived on with push brooms and then charging our neighbours as they came home from work for our services. Since then we have built multiple businesses together and always supported each other in our independent ventures as well. It shows what can happen when heart and hard work come together.

You’ve got quite the full plate! Tell us how you balance your busy work life and being a mom, wife, and fitting in some “You” time?

I say no to things that add little value to our family first, then no to things that add little value to the outcome of our businesses second. I commit to give 100% to the things I say yes to….this makes it easy to remain focussed on what matters most. I do not watch TV, have a rule to stay away from social media except for 10 minutes a day and I surround myself with people who are both extremely supportive and who challenge me to perform at my best. When I book my days I start with sleep, then whatever the family needs of me, then the rest of the time I have for work and when I am at work I work with laser focus. Whatever bonus time I have, I give to myself….whether it is taking myself for lunch or book club with girlfriends.

What was the inspiration behind the design of Haven Villas?

I feel we have achieved a sense of place where home is in nature and connected to both the feel of the trees and the lifestyle of the Okanagan with the golf views and rooftop living spaces. Both Trent and I grew up in the Okanagan and we wanted to create homes that reflect the balance of having a sensible and sophisticated interior with having access to the outdoors and entertaining with ease on our rooftops.

What do you love most about the Okanagan lifestyle?

The culture of welcoming new experience and of entertaining. I like the ease with which each day passes and all of the opportunities for leisure both with self and friends that living in the Okanagan offers. You can hike, go wine tasting, golf or have a dinner party and at Haven, you literally can do it all within 5 minutes of home. I love the ease of this lifestyle.

Just for a fun fact – what is something that only your close family and friends would know about you?

They would know that I love real classic country music from the 40’s and 50s and that I can do the breakdancing move from the 80’s commonly known as ‘the worm’.

Boasting a beautiful golf course view, Haven Villas is a quiet gated community ready for a summer 2017 move in. Contact us today for more information and to get into your next home sweet home!


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