Tommie Award Winning Builder

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The vision behind Haven Villas, Kitsch Construction Corporation, is a Tommie GOLD Award Winning Builder and a local, family- owned company that has completed millions of dollars of construction projects, on budget and on time.

A passion for design, architecture, construction, and quality drives Kitsch and they count one of the most beautifully designed homes in the Okanagan as their magnum opus. The Granite Chateau (pictured), an opulent 10,000 square foot home that sits atop one of the Okanagan’s finest vineyard properties.

The massive three-year undertaking earned the company two of the development industry’s most prestigious Tommie Awards – one for Excellence in Kitchen Design (over $150,000) and the other for Excellence in Single Family Detached Home ( between $3 million and $5 million).

Our future homeowners can expect the same level of care and thoughtful design from Haven Villas. With a family that goes back four generations in Kelowna, this experienced local builder puts a premium on building things that last.

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